An unexpected benefit of going GMO-free

So I recently broke up with soy. If you missed that article, you can find it here. And walking away from a lucrative career earlier this year has presented me with a phenomenal gift of time. Ah, time. So, so grateful as I have been able to invest a lot more time than I used […]

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The Body Deli. Amazing Cosmetic Chefs.

A couple of months ago, I spent a week away at a spa where I juiced (yes, for the entire week!), meditated and let go of a lot of crap. Yes, for probably the first time in my life I spent a week focusing on my physical, emotional and mental well-being. While there, I was […]

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The future looks bright for Lillabee!

Recently, I told you about my amazing sit-down with Indea Leo, the Founder of Lillabee. I’m still riding the high from getting to know Indea. She truly is such a remarkable spirit and I’m so appreciative of her time. As I promised, I wanted to share with you some of the “big” plans that Indea […]

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Hats off to Savory Spice Shop

One of my favorite shops in Denver is the Savory Spice Shop. They make their own spices and blends. Months ago, when I was in there I inquired about nuts. At the time, I was told if one of their spice blends did not have nuts that it was made on equipment that was nut-free. […]

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A touching and yummy Meet and Greet with Indea Leo.

I recently had the privilege to sit down with Indea Leo over some amazing food allergy friendly treats. Who’s Indea Leo, you ask? She is the Founder of Lillabee Baking, one of my favorite food allergy friendly companies! You can read my thoughts on their amazing brownie mix here. Indea and I met on a […]

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breaking up with soy

Why I’m Breaking Up With Soy

A little while back I made a personal decision that I’m now ready to share with all of you. I’m breaking up with soy. With crazy, insane reactions to peanuts, lentils and peas, I started to take a close look at the legume family. The well-known members of the legume family are: peanuts soy(bean) lentils […]

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